Seasonal Commissioning Employer's Requirement

This document details UCL’s requirements for the seasonal commissioning of newly installed mechanical and electrical building services including renewable energy systems.

The purpose of seasonal commissioning is to assess the operational performance of newly installed mechanical, electrical and renewable energy systems. We typically assess systems that are affected by changes in climate to ensure these perform as they were designed to throughout the various seasons. Seasonal commissioning is a separate, but complementary process to the normal commissioning of building services.

All capital projects that include mechanical and/or electrical installations within their scope of works must complete the seasonal commissioning process detailed in the document below within 12 months of substantial building occupation.

What UCL requires from consultants before tender

The building services consultant shall populate the checklist in Appendix 1 during the design stage and shall include this completed checklist within their tender package. Together with the UCL Employers Requirement this completed checklist shall form the seasonal commissioning scope of works for the contractor.

An editable version of this checklist has been linked below for the consultant to populate. Also included is an editable version of the building user questionnaire to be shared with building occupants ahead of each seasonal commissioning session to assess their comfort levels / to help identify any potential issues. Both of these appendices are included in the master document. 

UCL Seasonal Commissioning Employer's Requirement

Appendix. 1 Checklist of Systems to be Assessed

Appendix. 2 Seasonal Commissioning Building User Questionnaire


Last updated: Monday, May 9, 2022