Structured cabling specification for category 6 installations

The specification exists to assist project and design teams to plan and cost structured cabling systems (SCS) which may be required as part of a new building or a building refurbishment project.

This document will be issued for all tendered structured cabling projects and works.

Each specification will detail UCL approved installers and vendor components as well as standards and practices which must always be followed. Under no circumstances will any alternatives from this document be allowed.

This specification will also supersede any documents issued by consultants or external designers, main contractors or other third parties.

This document is a specification and not a design, the project and design team(s) must contact ISD Network Design and Delivery Team in order that they can incorporate this document into the project requirements.

This document is part of a UCL procurement framework (PS-1288) and is valid for 3 years from January 2021 until 2023 and can be extended for 3 years further if required.
The specification is periodically reviewed in line with any updates to standards and or practices.

Please note that the pages in the document are watermarked 'example' but have been approved for distribution.

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Last updated: Friday, January 15, 2021