Building User Guide

This user guide should be reviewed annually and updated when changes to structure, layout, fabric or services of the building have been made.

For larger projects (generally >£10m, but as agreed depending on project scope) a Building User Guide must be developed prior to handover and made available to UCL Estates for distribution to the building users and in a format suitable for publication on relevant UCL web pages. 
Smaller projects should also develop a guide where suggested by the nature of operational requirements (e.g. AV, lighting, heating, cooling instructions).
The building user guide must be written for the non-technical building user (an O&M manual/ Log Book will not suffice) with the purpose of assisting with access and efficient operation of the building in keeping with the original design intent.
Whilst the content of the guide will be specific to building type, project scope and users, minimum requirements must be covered as set out in the relevant version of BREEAM/ Ska.
Any changes to the document including removal or adding of pages should be recorded.

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Last updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2019