Miscellaneous Waste

UCL's waste management plan includes how to deal with miscellaneous waste.

Find out how to dispose of fluorescent tubes, pallets, bread baskets, sanitary waste and nappies.

Fluorescent tubes

If you need to dispose of a fluorescent tubes, please raise a service request through the Estates customer helpdesk.


All used pallets are stored until they can be reused. Any pallets that are broken or are not fit for reuse, are placed within the skip for bulky items.

Bread baskets

Bread Baskets are collected in the Gower Court waste area until there are a large number of them. They are then collected and reused by the catering contractor UCL.

Sanitary waste

Sanitary waste from UCL's female toilets are collected in sani bins which are collected on an exchange once a month by operatives.


Nappy waste from the UCL Nursery is collected in nappy disposal bins. These are collected on an exchange basis once a month by our waste disposal contractor.