Goods In Logistics Hub

The UCL Logistics Team provides an efficient Goods-In and Storage service to support the Bloomsbury Campus, UCL East and all our sites across London and the South-East.

The Logistics Hub provides storage in temperature-controlled facilities and at room temperature. This allows us to offer:

  • consolidation and quick turnaround for onward delivery via foot, electric vehicle, and bike.
  • the Logistics track and trace service for the Bloomsbury campus and outlying sites.
  • efficient bulk purchasing of commonly used non-perishable items such as laboratory consumables. These items can then be re-packaged and delivered by the team where and when required. Using this method achieves economies of scale for UCL. Bulk purchasing enables savings against both the purchase and delivery costs of the same amount of items in smaller orders.
  • effective implementation of the UCL Sustainable strategy & Camden safety policy through the reduction of waste & carbon emissions and other pollutants across our campuses. This is achieved through the reduction of the total number of journeys for deliveries, and switching to electric vehicles and bicycles for daily deliveries.