Office of the President and Provost (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion)


Quiet Contemplation Rooms at and around UCL

There are several contemplation/quiet rooms available for UCL members of staff and registered students:

  • A room is available on the path leading from the Bernard Katz Building at the South Junction towards the Henry Morley Building. Its opening hours are from 8:30am - 6pm. Users are required to respect the code of practice for using the room, which are displayed in the room. 
  • A small room is available in the Department of Management Systems, Central House. Contact Casey Tolaini (c.tolaini@ucl.ac.uk) for details.
  • A quiet room is available in the United Reformed Church, opposite Chandler House. 
  • A prayer room for Muslim staff and students is available at the UCL Royal Free Hospital. Contact George MacIntyre (g.macintyre@ucl.ac.uk) for details. 
  • The Fiona McClean quiet room is available for both staff and students on the ground floor of 1-19 Torrington Place. A booking system is in place for this room and can be booked via the main reception desk at Torrington Place. 
  • The Forward in Faith Church on Gordon Square can be used for quiet contemplation between 8am - 4pm. Note that mass takes place at 12:30pm every day and at noon on Thursdays.