Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Aims of the GP ACF programme at UCL

The UCL GP ACF Programme is an integral part of the Department's education and research training strategy for clinical and non-clinical academics, with strengths in several areas of community based and population health sciences. The programme has two primary aims:

  • To recruit academically orientated trainees at the start of their specialist training in general practice and provide them with the clinical experience, teaching and research training to enable them to both gain specialist accreditation in general practice and be in a position to compete successfully for a national research training fellowship leading to a higher degree.
  • To instil and support at the beginning of the trainees' careers the development of a reflective and curious attitude towards their clinical as well as their academic work and encourage a lifelong enquiring approach to their careers.

ACFs research activity will be linked to one of the Department's current research themes. All Fellows will be expected to take part in undergraduate teaching and to develop skills as medical educators as part of their academic development.