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Data collection

Up to date, we have collected a very wide range of clinical and self-reported information on our participants. 

PhaseDatesTypeParticipationResponse rate (alive)Response rate (eligible*)
11985-1988Questionnaire 1 & Clinic10,308 -reference--reference-
21989-1990Questionnaire 28,13279.3%79.3%
31991-1994Questionnaire 3 & Clinic8,81586.6%86.6%
41995-1996Questionnaire 48,62885.3% 92.4%
51997-1999Questionnaire 5 & Clinic7,87078.7%86.3%
62001Questionnaire 67,355 74.4% 82.5%
72002-2004Questionnaire 7 & Clinic6,96771.6%82.2%
82006Questionnaire 87,173 75.2% 87.2%
92007-2009Questionnaire 9 & Clinic6,761 72.3%84.5%
10 (**)2011Questionnaire 10 & Clinic277 n/a n/a
112012-2013Questionnaire 11 & Clinic6,31870.9%84.1%
122015-2016Questionnaire 12 & Clinic563266.6%80.2%
132019-2022Questionnaire 13 & Clinic 430756.4%70.6%

Eligible: participants alive and not withdrawn from the study.

**Phase 10 was a pilot carried out in February and March 2011. A small group of Stress and Health participants were selected randomly and invited to attend our Phase 10 clinic. This enabled us to successfully pilot new measures for mental well-being introduced at Phase 11.


The study is approved by the London-Harrow Research Ethics Committee and the Scotland Research Ethics Committee. All participants who had clinical examination were asked to give written informed consent


Data Processing

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on data processing.


Clinic video (phase 9)