Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


Phase 13

Thank you very much to all our participants for continuing to take part in the Stress and Health (Whitehall II) Study. We have now completed the thirteenth phase of the study, which started in March 2019 and finished in January 2023.

Home visits were carried out between May to December 2022 and were conducted by the organisation National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) who partnered with INUVI (Previously MSS). Further information about NatCen and INUVI can be found on their websites: https://natcen.ac.uk/about-us/about-natcen-social-research and https://inuvi.co.uk

Participants were contacted to set up an appointment. A confirmation letter followed outlining the agreed appointment date and time, together with the following documents.

Clinic Visits


Home Visit


If there are any questions about the clinic and home visits, please contact us on the freephone number 0800 068 1562.