Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


What data does the ONS LS contain?

The ONS LS contains information on everyone usually living in the household, although only LS members are followed up from census to census.

Census data

Age & sex19711981199120012011
Marital/civil partnership (2011 only) status19711981199120012011
Marriage and fertility history1971    
Relationships in household 1981199120012011
Geographical data19711981199120012011
Type of accommodation & tenure19711981199120012011
Amenities of accommodation inc. no. of rooms, heating type (2011 only)19711981199120012011
Second address    2011
Transport available to household members19711981199120012011
Country of birth19711981199120012011
Parents’ country of birth1971    
Time since arrival and intended length of stay    2011
Passports held    2011
National identity    2011
Ethnic group  199120012011
Main language and proficiency in English    2011
Religion   20012011
Education level/qualifications19711981199120012011
Economic activity/employment/occupation/social class19711981199120012011
Migration and means of travel to work19711981199120012011
Caregiving   20012011
Self-rated health status   20012011
Limiting long-term illness or disability  199120012011
Visitors staying over on census night   20012011

Life events data linked to ONS LS members' census records at any time

Births (of Longitudinal Study members)
Maternity events to Longitudinal Study members (including live births, still births, infant deaths and birth weight)
Cancer registrations
Mortality (deaths of sample members), including full information from registration forms, such as cause of death