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The Lifecourse Podcast

The Lifecourse Podcast is a series of audio interviews about research that is addressing major policy issues around our health and well-being and our family and work circumstances.


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In interviews of no more than 10 minutes, researchers discuss the context of their work, what they have found, what those findings mean and how they can be used to improve people's lives. 

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Who are the 11 year old drinkers?

In this episode of The Lifecourse Podcast, Yvonne Kelly discusses her research looking at who is drinking alcohol at age 11.

Who wants to work forever ?

In this episode of The Lifecourse Podcast, Tarani Chandola discusses whether or not it is good for a person's health to work past the traditional retirement age.

Why being an active commuter is good for you

In this episode of The Lifecourse Podcast, Ellen Flint investigates the link between different forms of commuting and commuters' Body Mass Index (BMI) and body fat.