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The Lifecourse Podcast

The Lifecourse Podcast is a series of audio interviews about research that is addressing major policy issues around our health and well-being and our family and work circumstances.


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Researchers discuss the context of their work, what they have found, what those findings mean and how they can be used to improve people's lives. 

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The role of positive experiences for young people growing up

In Episode 6 of Series 2 of The Lifecourse Podcast we're talking about the impact on young people's lives of positive experiences and asking if it's time to shift the research and policy narrative away from the negative experiences facing those young people. Chris Garrington is joined by Rebecca Lacey, a researcher based at UCL, who's been investigating how positive experiences are linked with children and young people's physical and mental health and Ann Hagell from the Association for Young People's Health. 

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Losing a parent: substance misuse and suicidal behaviour around the anniversary of their death

In Episode 5 of Series 2 of The Lifecourse Podcast, Professor Scott Montgomery of Örebro University discusses research showing an increased likelihood of drug misuse and suicidal behaviour among young people who have lost a parent around the anniversary of their death. He is joined by child bereavement specialist Beck Ferrari and Olivia Clark-Tate whose father died nearly 10 years ago. 

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The physical punishment of children: using the law to protect them and promote change

In Episode 4 of Series 2 of The Lifecourse Podcast, Dr Anja Heilmann from the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at University College London (UCL) talks about the physical punishment of children and how and where the law is being used to protect children against it. She's joined by Bruce Adamson, the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland and children's rights advocate and former Irish Senator Jillian van Turnhout. Together they talk about how the law has been changed in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and discuss the prospects for change in England. 

Lockdown, unpaid care and mental health 

In this episode of the Lifecourse Podcast from the ESRC International Centre for life course studies at UCL Dr Baowen Xue and Professor Anne McMunn discuss how they used specially collected COVID19 data to look at how couples divided up housework, childcare and homeschooling during lockdown, who was most likely to change their work pattern and the impact on mental health.