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Occupational pensions: a question of social class?

Who has a pension and what sort of backgrounds do they come from? David Blane explains in the latest episode of The Lifecourse Podcast.

We are all being told we need to save harder and longer for our retirement. The State Pension isn't enough to live on and so we all need to make provision for the day when we will no longer be earning or have access to a salary or a wage. For most of us, this means saving into a pension scheme - maybe one that our employer organises or something we arrange privately. But who exactly has a pension and what sort of background do they come from? In this episode of the Lifecourse Podcast, Professor David Blane discusses research looking to answer that question and discusses the ramifications for policymakers, employers and workers of the key findings.

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Further information

Occupational pensions: a bridge between social class before and after labour market exit?  is research by Myer Glickman (UCL), Mel Bartley (UCL) and David Blane (UCL and Imperial College) and is published as an ICLS Working Paper.