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The Obesity Research Group

Obesity research group

The Obesity research group is interested in establishing the causes of obesity across the lifespan, developing and testing behavioural interventions for the prevention and management of obesity in children and adults, and evaluating obesity-related public health initiatives. We also study energy balance behaviours, including eating behaviour, physical activity and sleep. We have expertise in behavioural and psychometric measurement, epidemiology, behaviour genetics, intervention design, trial management and qualitative research. 


This group is led by Dr Clare Llewellyn (c.llewellyn@ucl.ac.uk)

Group members

Research staff: Dr Clare Llewellyn, Dr Pippa LallyDr Andrea Smith, and Dr Ali Fildes.

PhD students: Sarah BreathnachAlexandra Rhodes and Alice Kininmonth.


Ongoing PhD projects

  • Reducing calorie intake among working adults: Investigating the use of pre-ordering and substitution suggestions to reduce calories consumed in workplace canteens (Sarah Breathnach)
  • Developing an app-based intervention to encourage healthy eating, physical activity and weight management in pregnancy (Alexandra Rhodes)
  • Exploring the impact of the early obesogenic home environment on appetite and weight development during childhood (Alice Kininmonth

Ongoing projects

Completed PhD projects

Completed projects

Publications - Clare Llewellyn

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