Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care


The Health Economics Group

Led by Professor Paula Lorgelly. The team of health economists in DAHR evaluates the cost effectiveness of health and social care interventions and policies, providing evidence to support adoption decisions in the NHS and social care system. The research undertaken focuses on quantifying resource use and costs, the measurement of health outcomes, and seeks to understand the determinants of costs and outcomes in order to inform improvements in the health and social care system. The team's research contributes to improving the efficiency and equity of resource allocation decisions.

Current Projects:

  • NIHR ARC North Thames: the team focuses on health economic evaluations of health and care interventions, providing evidence to aid adoption and implementation decisions. Prof Paula Lorgelly is the leader of the Health Economics and Data (HEAD) theme in the ARC North Thames.
  • CONCORD (CoOrdiNated Care Of Rare Disease) Research Project
  • The Rapid Service Evaluation Team (RSET)
  • EPSRC Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing Hub
  • Evaluation of the Group Model
  • Perspectum KTP
  • Health Care Costs at End-of-life
  • MRI in Ovarian Cancer (MROC)
  • MRI in Bone Cancer (WISE)
  • Open Dialogue for severe mental illness (ODDESSI)
  • NeuroSAFE - A single-blinded, multi-centre RCT comparing NeuroSAFE Robot prostatectomy (RALP) to standard RALP
  • Cost-utility analysis of Mechanical Thrombectomy in treatment of acute ischemic stroke in the USA
  • Cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic chemo in colorectal, ovaria and gastric cancer
  • Evaluating an early social communication intervention for children with Down Syndrome: a feasibility study
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the alcohol reduction smartphone app, Drink Less, for excessive drinkers in the UK: a randomised controlled trial
  • LAP-PIE to treat Pancreas cancer
  • Identifying facilitators and barriers to implementation of tumour biopsy pathway for small renal masses, including a cost analysis
  • A feasibility study of a cohort embedded randomised control trial comparing NEphron Sparing Treatment (NEST) for small renal masses