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Institute Of Epidemiology Coaching And Mentoring Scheme

Join the launch of I-CAM on Wednesday 9 February 2022

Institute Coaching And Mentoring (I-CAM)

IEHC has developed a formal development scheme aimed at providing mentoring and coaching for all staff for a maximum of 12 months (other variations are considered and can be agreed between mentor/mentee or coach/coachee). However, it provides a unique matching feature to ensure that those with protected characteristics have access to the appropriate mentoring and coaching support needed to support their development. If you do not need to be matched, after attending training session you can have access to the Faculty Mentorship Scheme.

What is Mentoring & Coaching?

Mentoring is a learning tool to support personal development. It is used to support and encourage people (over a defined period) to manage their own learning in order that they may maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the person they want to be. Coaching is less directive and performance/target oriented. It instead aims to improve performance over a shorter period and focuses on the ‘here and now’ goal. They are both excellent methods of learning through others that we encourage staff to engage with at least once throughout their career.

How to access the programme:

  1. Complete an application form as a mentor/mentee (all mentees will automatically be signed up as a mentor)
  2. Attend a Mentoring and Coaching Briefing – Future Dates
  3. Choose programme:

a) Scheme 1: the IEHC I-CAM Programme (matching) via I-CAM forms

b) Scheme 2: the Faculty self-selecting programme via I-CAM forms

For more information contact the career progression team at: eagcareer@ucl.ac.uk

Forms (available after the launch on 9 February):  
Mentor/Coach Application form
Mentee/Coachee Application form

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