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Career progression

Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care’s Equality Action Group is a dynamic team which facilitates equality, diversity and inclusion within the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care (IEHC) and beyond. One of its sub-teams is the EAG Career Progression Action Group, co-led by Nicola Shelton & Sydonnie Hyman, is keen to facilitate and support staff development with attention to equity related career development for all staff, i.e. professional services, research and teaching and academic staff.

Ahead of the appraisal season (January – March), we would like to share with you some key information you may find useful to support your career development and when applying for promotion within UCL.

In recognition that staff activities and performance may have been impacted on by COVID-19, UCL has developed a principle of No Detriment Principle for Staff (Covid-19). This is aimed at ensuring that expectations from staff around this period will be adjusted to account for any difficult circumstances you may have had to deal with, and to set out some of the ways we will do this through adjusting the promotions and appraisals processes. No member of staff should be penalised for the effect Covid-19 has had on their performance during the pandemic.

Meet the team

EAG Career Progress Membership: Nicola Shelton, Sydonnie Hyman, Kelly Seenundun, Aradhna Kaushal, Holly Walton and Shaun Scholes.

Key dates for promotion within IEHC


Staff Submission Deadline

Promotion Call





Senior Promotions

14th Sept 20

 Sept 20

 Sept 20

 Sept 20

Increment Round 1

26th Oct 20

 Oct 20

 Oct 20

 Oct 20

Junior Promotion

18th Jan 21

 Jan 21

 Jan 21

 22nd Jan 21

Increment Round 2

26th Apr 21

 Apr 21

 Apr 21

 Apr 21

Outcome of previous rounds within our faculty including the promotion criteria:  

Professorial Guidance:

Additional Information:

How to apply for promotion:

  1. Expression of interest via discussion with your line manager, mentor/coach
  2. Complete appraisal including the objectives relevant to your role and the promotion call. All promotion schemes require evidence of an appraisal.
  3. Prepare your application following the guidance at least minimum 6 months in advance. For senior promotions the recommended time is 18 months. This should be done with the support of your line manager.
  4. Have it reviewed before submission.
  5. Submit to the your local administrator
  6. Your local Promotions panel will review your application and provide a local decision with feedback
  7. If successfully supported by the local promotions panel, your application will be put forward for consideration by the Institute Board. If supported by the Institute Board your application will be submitted to the Faculty Promotions Panel for consideration and a final decision made.

Preparing for Promotion/ Career Development Support

(for you and for those you line manage)

Training courses for staff (your username and password will be required for access): 

  1. Appraisal - How to manage a staff appraisal
  2. Appraisal *New* online learning module for appraisals: Developmental Conversations Essential Series Module 1
  3. UCL Learning and development portfolio - an overview of all UCL's leadership, learning and development programmes
  4. UCL LinkedIn Learning: free online video tutorials in software, creative and business skills 
  5. Professional Services Secondments
  6. Faculty Career Surgery: find out more on the training website.
  7. IEHC Career Support website

​​​For any career development equality, diversity and inclusion issues please contact Kelly Seenundun at k.seenundun@ucl.ac.uk. We are happy to hear about what IEHC does well and develop on the areas that require improvement.

If you would like to join the EAG Career Progression Action Group or be an observer at one of our meetings contact Kelly Seenundun at k.seenundun@ucl.ac.uk .

EAG Career Progression Action Group: Future Meetings

We meet monthly every 2nd Wednesday from 2pm to 3pm on teams. The next Meeting dates are:

  • 9-Dec -20
  • 13-Jan-21
  • 10-Feb-21
  • 10-Mar-21