Online Courses

EPICentre provides a number of Free Online Courses, covering a vast range of topics related to Risk Assessment and Structural Analysis.

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Simplified Structural Assessment for Seismic Fragility Analysis

This course aims to teach simplified structural assessment approaches for the development of fragility curves. Fragility curves are essential components of earthquake risk assessments and are developed and used by researchers, civil engineering consultants and insurers.
The course brings state of the art technqiues and tools to developers of fragility curves, promoting a consistent approach to the inclusion of uncertainty. It is aimed at students with an MSc level education in an engineering subject.

Structural Analysis & Modelling Portal

The Structural Analysis and Modelling Portal (SAMP) offers a number of practical applications of structural analysis and design concepts that students typically learn through their undergraduate and graduate studies in Civil Engineering. The portal offers a variety of sessions where students implement structural analysis theory by hand calculations to validate the results obtained through computer simulation.
The sessions mainly focus on the use of Oasys GSA (General Structural Analysis) software. However, other packages such as SeismoStruct, SeismoSignal or OpenSees are also included in some of the sessions. Tutorial videos and other supporting materials have been prepared for each one of the sessions offered to enable student self-learning.