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Structural Analysis and Modelling Portal (SAMP): Structural Analysis and Design Skills

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The Structural Analysis and Modelling Portal (SAMP) offers you a number of practical applications of structural analysis and design concepts. It covers the kind of things you'd typically learn during your undergraduate and graduate studies in Civil Engineering.

You can access a variety of free sessions where you implement structural analysis theory by hand calculations to validate the results obtained through computer simulation.

You'll carry out all the sessions online.

Course content

You can choose to work through any or all of the sessions, which include:

  • truss analysis
  • beam analysis and design
  • 2D frame analysis under gravity loads
  • 2D frame analysis under lateral loads
  • linear time history analysis
  • response spectra for earthquake ground motions
  • modal analysis of a simple structure
  • response spectrum analysis of a simple structure
  • modal and response spectrum analysis of a complex structure
  • non-linear time history analysis
  • notes on FEM structural analysis and supporting materials for the UCL Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (CEGE)'s Integrated Design Project (IDP)

Additional sessions will be developed based on student's requests.

Who this resource is for

This site is intended to guide you through a number of practical applications of structural analysis and design concepts you're learning throughout your Civil Engineering studies.

Whether you're visiting us for help completing one of your assignments or simply to improve your structural analysis skills, you're in the right place.


The sessions mainly focus on the use of Oasys GSA (General Structural Analysis) software.

However, other packages such as SeismoStruct, SeismoSignal or OpenSees are also included in some of the sessions.

Tutorial videos and other supporting materials have been prepared for each one of the sessions offered to enable your self-learning.


Prior knowledge of structural analysis and design will help you complete the different sessions with more ease.

However, additional resource materials have been provided so no prior knowledge is required.

Course structure

Ideally you'll work through the different sessions progressively.

However, if you have prior structural analysis modelling knowledge you may jump to a more advanced session right away.

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