Groundwater and Flood Risk in the London Rail Infrastructure Network

The overarching driver of this project (2014-2015) was to implement a procedure by which infrastructure owners and consultants tasked with managing existing infrastructure assets can determine the actions necessary to ensure continued resilience of these networks, in light of projected climate change. In this respect the following aims were identified:

  • Bring together the information regarding existing infrastructure assets and climate hazards in a systematic manner, in order to facilitate future studies into specific risks.
  • Each of the three contributors has a complementary vision for tackling this complex problem; the project will bring these to the fore and facilitate the setting out of a holistic strategy for approaching this pertinent issue.
  • This will better prepare asset managers and regulatory authorities to cope with issues as they arise, through providing a tool-kit from which critical information can be drawn.
  • Place the study of risk within the historic built environment in the context of urban sustainability, encouraging integrated solutions to global issues relating to urban landscape preservation and development.


Funding: NERC Risk Innovation

Epicentre Staff Involved: Dina D'Ayala, Victoria Stephenson