Victoria Stephenson


Name    Victoria Stephenson

             PhD student

Email    victoria.stephenson.12@ucl.ac.uk

Area of Research / Academic Interests

Victoria's PhD research focuses on the increasing risks posed to the UK historic building stock from flooding and extreme precipitation, in the context of recent past and potential future climate change. This work is being carried out as part of the interdisciplinary and multi-institution research project PARNASSUS, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the Science and Heritage Programme. The project brings together archaeologists, hydrologists and engineers, from both academic and industry backgrounds, to work on a number of sites at risk of flooding and heavy rainfall, across the UK. Victoria's contribution to the project looks at the development of a novel laboratory test procedure, to measure the impact of flooding and wind driven rain on the structural integrity of historic wall construction systems. Victoria's wider research interests focus on risk mitigation and management in relation to the conservation of historic buildings in the UK.

Keywords / Tags

Historic Structures, Flood, Wind Driven Rain, Risk Appraisal, Climate Change