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Understanding and protecting intellectual property (IP) at UCL

This course will help you understand how IP is owned, managed and used at UCL, and how UCL's IP Policy applies to your day-to-day activities.


For: All staff and students
Location: Online
Length: 20 to 40 minutes
Format: Online self-paced course

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What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) in its broadest sense is ‘something you create using your mind’ (GOV.UK). This can include inventions, patents, ground-breaking research findings, technical know-how, teaching materials, business names, and performances.

Being unaware of how IP works could result in assets such as your research or ideas being used inappropriately by others or given away without your permission. This could also restrict your freedom to pursue certain avenues of research later on. 

Who this training is for

This training is recommended for all UCL staff and students.

It's mandatory for:

  • academics, research associates, professional services research support staff (e.g. all those in roles creating and handling research outputs, supporting research proposals and collaborations)
  • innovation and enterprise support staff (e.g. business managers, partnership managers)
  • staff involved in procuring specialist services

What this course covers

The course covers:

  • what IP is and why it matters
  • different types of IP you may encounter
  • key principles of IP ownership 
  • how IP affects your activities at UCL
  • how to apply UCL’s IP policy
  • where to get further support
The course was very clear and informative. The examples really helped to contextualise the information.

Accessible versions

If you’re unable to use the interactive version of the training, you can access:

If you complete one of these versions of the training, please email innovationpolicy@ucl.ac.uk so we can record this on your HR records. You should include: 

  • your user ID (ucyxxxx)
  • the title of the training you’ve completed