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Celebrating UCL's most promising entrepreneurs

22 June 2023

UCL entrepreneurs won awards and funding as part of this year’s entrepreneurial summer celebration.

BoxxDocks receiving their award

The celebration event on 20 June was a chance for UCL’s entrepreneurial community to come together, network and celebrate the impressive achievements of UCL’s startups and entrepreneurs. The event was hosted at BaseKX, UCL’s dedicated entrepreneurship hub in King’s Cross.

Awards were given to acknowledge significant impact, contribution and growth, with six startups and entrepreneurs receiving between £1,000 and £5,000 to further develop their offerings, ideas and businesses. 

The winners were selected in recognition of their achievements and contribution to the UCL entrepreneurial ecosystem.

All the entrepreneurs who took part have been supported in the UCL Hatchery, the university’s dedicated startup incubator programme, managed by UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

The entrepreneurs have also been helped by mentors from industry and academia, who were at the event too, and thanked for their contribution to supporting UCL entrepreneurship. 

Santander Universities UK, who have worked with UCL on entrepreneurship activities for several years, were one of the sponsors of this year’s event. 

The winners

Santander Hatchery startup of the year award: BoxxDocks

Awarded for their outstanding progress, commitment and contribution to UCL’s reputation.

BoxxDocks is helping the logistics sector cut costs and carbon emissions with their innovative range of data-driven delivery boxes. The boxes are web enabled, sustainable and able to change size, allowing businesses to maximise the volume of goods transported. The business is the brainchild of current student James Della Valle (UCL MArch and BASc Architecture), Alessandro Attanzio and Amarjit Pall.

BoxxDocks receiving their award

Photo of Remy Foucher from Santander Universities, with Alessandro Attanzio and James Della Valle from BoxxDocks.

Santander Hatchery newcomer of the year award: No Impunity

Awarded for their excellent progress pushing forward an important and innovative global, social cause.

No Impunity was co-founded by alumnus Yanis Lunetta (UCL European, Social & Political Studies, 2021) with Aurelia Lefrapper, Emma Chailloux and Delfina Moresco. The impact litigation funding platform they’ve developed, using blockchain technology, is offering new help for victims of human rights abuse in their fight for justice. 

No Impunity receiving their award

Photo of Remy Foucher from Santander Universities and Aurélia Le Frapper from No Impunity.

Hatchery engagement award: eNOugh

Awarded for extraordinary commitment to engage with, and push forward, the Hatchery community and UCL’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

After being attacked in the street herself, Ina Jovicic (MSc Entrepreneurship, 2022) felt inspired to do something to address the issue of nighttime safety for women. Her startup Enough Walk Home Safe has developed a wearable magnetic badge with a camera and alarm, which sends the owner’s location to the police with a call for help when triggered.

eNOugh receiving their award

Photo of Jerry Allen, Director for Entrepreneurship, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, and Ina Jovicic from eNOugh.

Hatchery ambassador award: Christopher Norwood

Awarded for going the extra mile in engaging students in the extracurricular entrepreneurship support available to them at UCL. 

Christopher Norwood (English Literature, 2022) is an incredible ambassador for entrepreneurship at UCL. He did this at the same time as working on his own successful startup. Christopher came up with the idea of rewarding groups for visiting venues together. His Let’s Go Turbo loyalty app has already been taken up by major UK chains like Wagamama and Leon.

Christopher Norwood receiving their award

Photo of Jerry Allen, Director for Entrepreneurship, UCL Innovation & Enterprise and Christopher Norwood.

Hatchery mentor-mentee award: MySkinCarePal

Awarded for their commitment to learning, engaging and collaborating in the mentoring relationship.

Bonga Ltd (trading as MySkinCarePal) is a skin concierge service that uses computer vision technology to help people with skin of colour access expert-level advice. The startup was founded by Lesley Ndzi Bongajum (MSc Entrepreneurship, 2021).

My Skin Care Pal receiving their award

Photo of Lesley Ndzi Bongajum from MySkinCarePal, with Jerry Allen, Director for Entrepreneurship, UCL Innovation & Enterprise and Ken Davey.

Santander Hatchery breaking barriers award: Uncommon Minds

Awarded for their great progress and innovation in delivering a service that’s removing barriers for social inclusion and equitable opportunities.

Co-founded by Kirsten Sarah Jack (International Planning MSc, 2010) and Sascha Clare Evans, Uncommon Minds supports the mental health and education of neurodivergent young people and their families. Their online courses, summer school and parent information sessions are already being used by neurodivergent people all over the globe.

Uncommon Minds receiving their award

Photo of Remy Foucher from Santander Universities, with Kirsten Jack and Sascha Evans from Uncommon Minds.

Kirsten Sarah Jack, co-founder Uncommon Minds, said: “In less than a year we've gone from an idea to a live service supporting hundreds of autistic and ADHD young people and their families, and have built an amazing neurodivergent-first team.

“To do this we've had to challenge assumptions about what support for the 100 million neurodivergent young people in the world should look like, and how we as a startup should innovate to achieve this. So, we're incredibly proud to have been awarded the Santander Breaking Barriers Award, acknowledging this.

“On our journey we've been supported by UCL academics and UCL students have joined our team as peer facilitators. The UCL Entrepreneurship team in UCL Innovation & Enterprise has provided a supportive and vibrant space and amazing advisors to help us on our journey.”

Kathryn Walsh, Executive Director, UCL Innovation & Enterprise, said: “The hugely impressive businesses coming out of UCL every year are testament to the drive and talents of our students and alumni, and the quality of support they receive from our Entrepreneurship teams.

“Events like this one are an important celebration of what’s been achieved, but also an inspiration to other budding entrepreneurs at the university. Our winners show just what’s possible with the right support and motivation. I’d like to congratulate each of our winners for their achievements, and all our other businesses who are at various stages in their entrepreneurial journeys. We’ll be watching them all with keen interest to see where they take things next.”

UCL’s support for entrepreneurs

In total, over 400 new graduate businesses were started at UCL between 2014 and 2022. Collectively they’ve raised over £300 million in investment and currently employ more than 1,700 people.

The university’s most promising startups have access to the Hatchery incubator programme, which provides free support and dedicated office space. 

Other entrepreneurial support for students and recent graduates includes events, workshops and a dedicated programme for doctoral student and early career researchers, called SPERO.


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