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Take new online training to help you manage intellectual property

27 April 2021

Online training is available to help staff and students manage intellectual property (IP) at UCL. While it’s mandatory for many staff and students, everyone is encouraged to take it by 31 July 2021.

UCL's online IP training is designed to help you understand how IP is owned, managed and used at UCL, and how this applies to your role.

Why it’s important

You may encounter IP issues through a wide range of activities. IP can cover anything from inventions, patents, ground-breaking research findings and technical know-how to teaching materials, business names, and performances.

The training will help you make informed choices about ensuring that IP is suitably protected.

How long it takes and how to access it

The online IP training should take around 20 to 40 minutes (depending on how many units you need to do, based on your role). It’s accessed through the UCL MyLearning portal. 

It supports UCL’s Intellectual Property Policy.  

Who must complete the training 

The training is mandatory for the following staff and students: 

  • Academics, research associates and doctoral students  
  • Professional services research support staff (such as all those in roles creating and handling research outputs, supporting research proposals and collaborations)  
  • Innovation and enterprise support staff (such as business managers, partnership managers)
  • All staff at grade 10 and above 
  • Staff involved in procuring specialist services

These staff must complete the training before the end of July 2021.

However, all staff and students are strongly encouraged to complete the training.

Accessible versions 

Fully accessible versions of the training are available in audio and Word format. 

These are for anyone who might find it difficult to use the online interactive version.

Who to contact if you have questions on any of the above 

If you have any questions around how to manage intellectual property, please speak to your line manager or supervisor in the first instance.  

If you require further assistance, please email intellectualproperty@ucl.ac.uk