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Knowledge Exchange

The impact of our research is of great importance at UCL; the strength of the university, in part, lies in the excellent work that academics throughout the institution are doing in transferring their research to the wider community. Often, however, this work can go unnoticed.

UCL Enterprise is looking to support short Knowledge Exchange projects developed by UCL staff. Award holders, known as Knowledge Exchange Champions, will distinguish themselves as leaders of knowledge exchange and research impact within their field. They will seek to improve engagement in Knowledge Exchange within the UCL community, contribute to UCL’s enterprise strategy as a whole, and in particular the strategy of the faculty in which they are based.

Knowledge Exchange Champions 2016

Medical Sciences Zisis Kozlakidis Development of Advanced Capabilities for Public Health Surveillance of Infectious Diseases
Brain Sciences
Seb Crutch
Visual Assessment in Dementia
Institute of Education
Joseph Mintz
Increasing the Impact of Knowledge Exchange for Schools: A Research learning Community to Broaden the Access of Schools and Teachers to Evidence Informed Approaches to Maximising the iNclusion of Children with Autism
Institute of Education
Anna Remington
Minimanuscript: Increasing Accessibility of Research Findings across UCL
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Steve Edwards
Engaging Knowledge to Manage Risk from Mining Wastes - Fostering Partnerships in Chile and London
Population Health Sciences
Martin Widschwendter Project tagCandMe
Brain Sciences Joseph Devlin
Showcase: How People Make Decisions
Brain Sciences
Ian Murdoch
Developing On-line Learning in Subspecialist Ophthalmolgoy in West Africa
Brain Sciences Antonia Hamilton
Into Something Rich and Strange: Autism, Neuroscience and Shakespeare
Social and Historical Science
Michael Stewart
Industry and Academic Cross-Over Programme at Open City Documentary Festival
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
David Alexander
Addressing the reslience of London's Critical Infrastructure during Cascading Disasters and Space Weather Incidents
Arts and Humanities
Nick Shepley
Regenerating Urban Research through Knowledge Exchange: Writing, Teaching and Performing London Literature
Social and Historical Sciences
Ruth Mandel
Engaging Refugee Narratives: Perspectives from Academia and the Arts
Social and Historical Sciences
Michael Stewart
Sharing International Expertise on Entrepreneurship Policy and Practice through Knowledge Exchange
Life Sciences
Gerold Baier
Data Science for Practitioners – an Online Training Environment for Biomedical Research
Brain Sciences
Caroline Wood
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change – The Behaviour Change Clinic