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Thinking inside the box: UCL startup improves logistics efficiency with its data-driven solution

Startup BoxxDocks, supported by UCL, has developed a track and trace platform, helping distributors to boost efficiency and cut emissions.

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4 April 2024

BoxxDocks is the brainchild of UCL alumnus James Della Valle (BSc Architecture 2020 and MSc Architecture 2023), Amarjit Pall and Alessandro Attanzio.

The trio, who worked together previously, came together during lockdown when they noticed an untackled issue in the UK logistics industry. Namely, the lack of innovation and visibility in distributors’ backend logistics.

“We could see many businesses were struggling as a result of a lack of real-time visibility into the whereabouts and condition of their shipped goods,” explains BoxxDocks co-founder and CTO James. 

“Environmental concerns and the carbon footprint of operations were also a priority, which were being exacerbated by the widespread use of non-reusable packaging.”

BoxxDocks retrofits existing reusable packaging (such as plastic logistics boxes) with advanced tracking and tracing technology. This technology gives companies real-time visibility into the location and condition of each box in a way they haven’t had access to before.

Companies can then analyse data from the packaging to boost efficiency. Crucially the packaging can also be re-used, doing away with single-use plastics and cardboard, lowering costs and environmental impact.

After receiving business support from UCL Innovation & Enterprise, BoxxDocks secured investments from TechStars, British Design Fund and and angel investor to take their solution to market.

The company was named one of the top 100 startups in the UK in 2021 by TechRound. They also won the Wired Award in 2022 by TATA, were Santander’s Hatchery Start-up of the Year 2023 and were included in TransportTech 50 Top 10 for 2023.

BoxxDocks recently launched their solution with Sigma Pharmaceuticals, a UK leading pharmaceutical distributor, and are now expanding their services in multiple sectors.

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