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Meet our UCL Engineering Student Tutors: Zarin Haque, Engineering (Electronic and Electrical) BEng

6 February 2021

In our new series, UCL Engineering hears from some of our wonderful student tutors, who provide one-to-one STEM tutoring sessions for east London schoolchildren. Electronic and Electrical Engineering student Zarin comments how her tutees' "zeal to learn and excel inspires me."

Zarin Haque, Electronic and Electrical Engineering student and UCL Engineering student tutor

What does being a UCL Engineering student tutor involve?

As a UCL Engineering Tutor, it is extremely important to revive the inner childlike curiosity that, as university students, we might think of as "simple science”. The younger students sometimes ask the most interesting questions that get you thinking about your own basic knowledge, which keeps the entire experience very interesting.    

How has being a student tutor helped you? 

Growing up, I have had some exceptional teachers who helped me become who I am today. And as a student tutor, it entails being friendly and adapting to each student in a way that suits them best. This has taught me how to adapt to different situations, while also exploring various sides of my personality that related with the students which allowed me to grow more as a person. Alongside that, I feel like it has helped my communication skills drastically, as my articulation has improved, enabling me to better to express myself. 

What's the best thing about being a student tutor? 

Without a question, it is the bonding and social experience. It is a breath of fresh air to meet the tutees every week, and their zeal to learn and excel inspires me to put in more efforts for my own assignments and exams. It is, by far, a principle driving force for motivation for me as I get to help my tutees and also help myself along the way.  

How has COVID-19 impacted upon your tutoring? 

In the beginning, although COVID caused the tutoring programme to shift online, after almost nine months of online tutoring, I can say that it has equipped me to focus my attention on one student and help them in the best way. While tutoring in small groups is fun, it is also extremely effective to move into 1-to-1 teaching, albeit virtually through efficiently using resources like videos and quizzes which my tutees really enjoy.  

The younger students sometimes ask the most interesting questions, that get you thinking about your own basic knowledge..."

What advice would you give to students considering taking part in tutoring/mentoring programmes? 

For tutors looking into applying, I would say that the programme probably helped me more than I could imagine. It is an exceptional opportunity where you get to meet amazing individuals who have a similar vision to yourself, while impacting lives of your tutees for the better. Also in a career-oriented way, it might guide you into teaching as a career.  

Why are such tutoring programmes needed?

In large classroom settings, teaching is standardised, which does not do much for students who need that extra push. Everyone is unique, and it applies to their learning style as well and these tutoring programmes help the student to identify how they learn best – which in turn, helps them flourish in the future because they have got that required support early on. Especially with students approaching their exams, tutoring programmes as such help them with a personalised structure that ensures they are not overwhelmed with their STEM exams especially.  

Tell us something funny, unexpected or really special that has happened duing your tutoring sessions. 

The most exceptional experience for me was early on in the tutoring programme. After my first online science session, the tutee requested support in maths as well. The tutee’s Mum explained that they had never asked for more support before and it was this bit of information that really made it special because I had made the tutee feel like they could reach out for more help in STEM. As the year progressed, the tutee’s grades increased by a great margin, which made this experience even more fruitful.  

UCL Engineering student tutors are featured on page 6 of the UCL East Engagement Report 2019/20.

With thanks to Dr Elpida Makrygianni and Garance Mourgaud. 



  • Credit: Zarin Haque

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