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November 1999

May 2001

This meeting was held over two days at the National Museums of Scotland, Edinburgh

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Speakers and Titles

F. Hunter (National Museums of Scotland): The use of jet and related materials from the Iron Age to the medieval period in Scotland: analytical insights .

Dr E. Pantos (Daresbury Laboratory): Synchrotron Radiation in Archaeometry.

A. Heald (National Museums of Scotland): Non-ferrous metalworking in Iron Age Scotland.

Dr. E. Photos-Jones (Glasgow University): Unusual materials: Scottish cramp to Greek alunite.

Dr. R. E. Jones (Glasgow University): Current work on material in Scotland and Italy.

Dr. K Anheuser (Cardiff University): Amalgam gilding on medieval iron and steel.

Dr. K Leslie (British Museum): Early Glass Production and Strontium Isotopes.

Dr. D. Dungworth (English Heritage - AML): Copper alloys from Leckie Broch.

A. Shugar (University College London): Opaque red glass tesserae, ideas on formation, distribution, and re-use.

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