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March 1999

May 2001






This meeting was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum

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Speakers and Titles

M. Cowell (British Museum): Sharp practice in Roman Britain:coin forgeries in the Hoxne Treasure.

A. Towle (University of Nottingham): Frattesina and beyond: analyses of glass from the Veneto.

S. Hogg (Royal College of Art): Monofunctional Organsilanes in the Treatment of Crizzled Glass.

M. Markham (Open University) Continuing work on non-destructive geochemical analysis of axes.

The Attendees

  • Judith Bunbury, University of Cambridge
  • Olwen Williams-Thorpe, Open University
  • Louise Joyner, The British Museum
  • Andrew Middleton, British Museum
  • David Dungworth, Ancient Monuments Laboratory
  • Jackie Philips, University of Cambridge
  • Helen Hatcher, University of Reading
  • Thilo Rehren, Bochum
  • Reino Liefkes, V&A
  • Mark Clarke, University of Cambridge
  • Graham Martin, V&A
  • Roger Doonan, Bournemouth University
  • Sarah Paynter, University of Cambridge
  • Megan Dennis, Ancient Monuments Laboratory

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