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November 1998

May 2001

This meeting was held at the Cambridge University

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This meeting was organized by Paula Mills, V&A. and Katherine Eremin, NMS.

Speakers and Titles

C. Shell (Cambridge University): Unexpected prehistoric coppers from Syria and Xinjiang

S. Chenerey (British Geological Survey): Chemical Fingerprinting of pottery meets geochemical mapping - what happens when two worlds collide?

M. Clarke (Cambridge University): Anglo-Saxon Dyes and Pigments, and their Identification on Manuscripts

C. Doherty (University of Oxford): Identifying ancient clay sources - some recent examples.

J. Bayley (English Heritage AML): Viking-age bead making in York

The Attendees

  • Judith Bunbury, University of Cambridge
  • Svetlana Taylor, University Library, University of Cambridge
  • Dimitra Papagianni, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
  • Jacke S. Phillips, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
  • William Lee, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge
  • Lawrence Smith, University of Cambridge
  • J. J. Mei, University of Cambridge
  • Sarah Paynter, University of Oxford
  • Jen Coolidge, University of Oxford
  • Louise Joyner, The British Museum
  • Ian Freestone, The British Museum
  • Mike Cowell, The British Museum
  • David Thickett, The British Museum
  • Sue Mossman, National Museum of Science and Industry
  • Justine Bayley, Ancient Monuments Laboratory
  • Dave Starley, Ancient Monuments Laboratory
  • Megan Dennis, Ancient Monuments Laboratory
  • Carl Knappett

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