EMF - Previous Meetings

January 1998

May 2001

This, inaugural meeting, was held at the British Museum

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Speakers and Titles

P. Mills (V & A Museum): A closer look at famille rose

D. Thickett (British Museum) Reading Between the lines: The Chemistry of Cuneiform Tablets

Dr. L. Joyner (University of Sheffield) Mortars: Archaeological Science

R. Saunders (University of Reading) Rocks and Romans: a petrological and archaeological study

P. Maclean (University of Bradford) Forgotten Realms, Forgotten Alloys: Exotic Metallurgy in Bronze Age Europe


  • Sasa Kosinova, V&A
  • Dana Goodman-Brown, AMTeC Co-op
  • Simon Watts, Oxford Brookes
  • Mark Pollard, Bradford
  • Helen Howard, Courtauld
  • Chris Doherty, Oxford
  • Chris Lemke, Sheffield
  • Helen Hatcher, Oxford
  • Sarah Paynter, Oxford
  • Andrew Shortland, Oxford
  • Ionna Kakoulli, Oxford
  • Stella Willcox, Tate
  • Ian Freestone, BM
  • Dave Starley, AML
  • Justine Bayley, AML
  • Roger Doonan, AML
  • V Corso, Cambridge
  • Olwen Williams-Thorpe, Open University
  • Caroline Chenerey - NERC Isotope Geoscience Lab.
  • Simon Chenerey - British Geological Survey
  • Judith Bunbury - Cambridge
  • Ian Shaw - UCL
  • Metaxia Venitcou, RCA/V&A
  • Silvia Valussi, RCA/V&A
  • Paul Craddock, BM
  • D. Hook, BM
  • Clare Bishop, Reading
  • Andrew Middleton, BM
  • Roger Nathen, BM
  • Elisabeth Marseglia, Cambridge

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