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The Early Materials' Forum (EMF) is an informal meeting of people with an interest in the analytical study of archaeological and historical materials. At these meetings current work, results, and ideas are presented for discussion. The meetings promote dialogue between researchers in different institutions and between researchers working on diverse topics and materials.

The topics discussed cover a wide range of materials, including glass, ceramics, metals, resins, textiles, stone and pigments. Talks typically outline the archaeological and historical context of the artefacts discussed, the analytical techniques employed, the results obtained, and the interpretation of the results placing their importance within a wider archaeological framework.


EMF's Format

EMF tries to holds two to three informal meetings a year. These informal meetings are designed to last for one day allowing people time for traveling to and from the venue. With greater interest, meetings can be extended over a couple of days.

The meetings are structured to promote discussion on current work, and to encourage debate and re-evaluation of hypotheses. They enable researchers from disparate institutions and disciplines to talk face-to-face with each other, and to exchange information and ideas. The informal structure enables both established and new researchers to present their results and ideas to an interested audience at an early stage of the project. There will be no cost for the meeting per se but we may ask you to contribute towards the cost of refreshments.



EMF is co-organised by:

Each meeting is organized by someone at the host location. To see who is organising the upcoming meetings see the upcoming meetings page.




On this web page you can get information about previous meetings, upcoming meeting and general news of interest for all material scientists. At present all news will be posted here on the main page. As information is updated, look here for details. If you would like to be added to the EMF mailing list, please send an e-mail to the webmaster with your details.

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