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ECON0069 - Health Economics (MSc-level)



The course will make you familiar with key concepts and methods in health economics and give students a through understanding of up-to-date research in a few selected topics. The course will combine theory with empirical studies and emphasizes the relation between the two. The course will provide a foundation for doctoral research or a professional career in the field of Health Economics in government agencies (i.e. the National Health Service) international institutions (i.e. Worldbank or World Health Organization) or the private sector.

Course outline:   

1.    Overview of OCDE health care systems

2.    Health insurance markets and heterogeneity in health risks

3.    Medical insurance and health care use

4.    Health care providers and incentives

5.    Pharmaceutical markets

Health Economics

This module information video is presented by Marcos Vera Hernandez


Taught by:Marcos Vera-Hernandez
Assessment:2 hours of lectures per week and weekly tutorial/practical classes with written assignments. The course will be examined by a 2-hour written exam in Term 3.
Suitable for:Graduate students
Prerequisites:Permission from the Economics Department
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