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Drinking Water

Free, safe-to-drink water, is available in Drayton House.

Going plastic free!

Help to reduce consumption of single-use plastic bottles by purchasing a reusable water bottle.



See Cycling at UCL for all you need to know about cycling in London - includes maps, facilities and how you can save money by claiming expenses!

Donate your unwanted books to Better World Books UK!

Better World Books gives your no-longer-needed books an extended life by selling them on multiple online marketplaces. Launched in 2008, the service supports literacy charities and importantly, keeps books out of landfill.

  • Your drop-off point is: Reception - Drayton House.

Check your energy consumption

View UCL's energy use at the Carbon Culture webpages and remember to switch off!

Join the team

If you would like get involved and contribute to or lead on a Green Impact projects, please contact your Green Champion