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Endodontology MClinDent

A full-time, two-year (or part-time, four-year) Master's programme with a strong clinical bias.

Endodontology MClinDent (advanced training)

A full-time, three-year Master's programme designed for students from outside the European Union.

Endodontics MSc

A full-time, one-year (or part-time, two-year) Master’s programme with a strong clinical bias. Develop the skills to enable independent practice of endodontics at a level above special interest but below specialist.

Endodontic Practice Diploma (Not running 2024)

A part-time, two-year programme for dentists wishing to enhance their skills whilst continuing to work in practice.

Why Endodontics?

Endodontic service is in massive demand in the UK and globally with longer life spans and retention of teeth. Diseases afflicting the dental pulp and periradicular tissues are endemic and by virtue of their location and size, demand special knowledge and skills to manage them. Development of the necessary integrated knowledge and skills is a complex and challenging process, requiring effective mentoring, guidance and coaching in cognitive, technical and clinical skills.

Why Eastman?

UCL Eastman Endodontic programmes are highly sought after and internationally renowned for their rigour and outcomes. The speciality training programme is currently the only one accredited by the European Society of Endodontology.

The programmes have constantly evolved since they began in 1989, with the addition of a dedicated clinic, skills laboratory and nurse team. They have a balanced integration of cognitive, technical and clinical skills development, with mentored, supervised clinical exposure taking up about 50% of the time.

Feedback on teaching is always high, as evidenced by student testimonies. The outcome is rewarding, not just in terms of personal growth but also in the ability to alleviate patient problems with confidence. Our graduates are sought after, secure work placements, and many go on to teach their art and science.

  • Dr Yuan Ling Ng
  • Glynis Evans
  • Sanjay Ardeshna
  • Deborah Bomfim
  • Robert Crawford
  • Kushal Gadhia
  • Elizabeth Hoy
  • Glen Karunanayake
  • Jennifer Lai BDS
  • Dipti Mehta BDS
  • Sarjoo Mistry
  • Jesus Molina
  • Alex Mustard
  • Geoffrey St George

Our state-of-the-art facilities include two dedicated laboratories for the production of patient devices such as fixed and removable prosthetic devices. There are five clinical skills laboratories containing 90 clinical skills stations equipped with dental manikins allowing trainees to practically and safely refine skills and work in conditions that mimic real-life practice. Two of our suites are also equipped with dental microscopes to aid identification of anatomical imperfections and the quick detection of enamel and dentine fractures.


Dr Yuan Ng

Programme Director  (Endodontics MSc / Endodontology MClinDent)

Jason Chan

Programme Administrator

Rhondda Pierre

Programme Administrator (Endodontic Practice PG Dip)


The unit does not organise individual meetings or visits with prospective applicants due to the large numbers involved. If you are shortlisted for interview you will be invited to the Institute where you will learn about the philosophy, structure and delivery of the programme(s) including our aims and objectives. You will have the opportunity to view previous students’ academic and clinical work and to discuss your proposed studies and ambitions with an interview panel consisting of the Head of Department, Programme Director and Deputy Programme Director. You will also have the opportunity to talk to other staff and the current students and have a tour of the facilities.

The Maya Desai Postgraduate Dental Scholarship

Dentists intending to practise in Norfolk or Suffolk can apply for this grant, awarded in memory of former graduate Maya Desai to a student on one of our full-time, specialist courses in Endodontics, Prosthodontics or Periodontology. Find out more.