Eastman Dental Institute


Admissions Policy

UCL Eastman Dental Institute welcomes applications from candidates of all social and ethnic backgrounds and its admissions policy is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities.

The prime objective of the Institute is to admit only those who are best qualified to benefit from, and contribute to, the programmes in which they are enrolled and whose records suggest that there is a high probability of their completing those programmes.

The Institute can admit only a percentage of aspiring graduates who apply for admission. Pressures are rising as people increasingly realise how vital it is to have advanced training in a knowledge-intensive world. Therefore, in exercising their judgement, Programme Directors will look closely at what you tell them about your personal interests, career aspirations and intellectual motivation, as well as your examination record and references.

The Institute reserves the right to decide whether or not admission is offered to any applicant. Applications are made in confidence and the Institute regrets that its officers and academic staff cannot under any circumstances discuss the relative merits of successful or unsuccessful applicants, nor offer any opinions as to the likelihood or otherwise of acceptance in advance of the formal meeting of the relevant selection panel.

The Institute gives no undertaking to admit every suitably qualified applicant to any of its offered programmes. Whereas academic merit, qualifications obtained and previous professional experience are principal considerations influencing selection, the number of places for each programme is strictly limited.

Applicants who have been offered a place will be required to pay a deposit to secure it. Find out more