Eastman Dental Institute



Craniofacial Growth & Development Department

is led by Professor Nigel Hunt and focuses on the management of anomalies in growth and development of the teeth and jaws including both syndromic and non-syndromic disorders. The Department comprises Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry

Maxillofacial Medicine & Surgery Department

is led by Professor Stephen Porter and comprises Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Special Care Dentistry.

Restorative Dentistry Department

is led by Professor Kishor Gulabivala and focuses upon the integrated management of complex restorative problems, encompassing endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics. The problems include dental pain, gum disease, dental abscesses, tooth decay and wear and tear (including cracks and fractures) and missing teeth.

Continuing Professional Development

is led by Dr Albert Leung and delivers an extensive range of, flexible, interactive, hands-on UCL degree programmes and CPD courses. This department also currently manages our part-time degree courses for Aesthetic Dentistry, Implant dentistry and Dental Sedation.