Eastman Dental Institute


New research: what are the oral health needs of patients with stroke?

20 October 2020

New study by UCL Eastman Dental Institute will look at the oral health of victims of stroke.

Oral microbiome research

Professor Francesco D'Aiuto and team have received a £42,000 grant to investigate whether individuals who have suffered an acute stroke have worse oral health than the general population. 

The large observational study will offer at least 200 of these patients the option to provide a saliva sample and see a dental professional to check their oral health status. 

The project, funded by the Nakao Foundation and the Eklund Foundation, will also seek to find whether poorer oral health during stroke predicts worse outcomes. 

Professor D’Aiuto said: “Our group has extensively studied the link between periodontal health and vascular health.  

“We have identified patients with stroke as a vulnerable group who might have greater oral health needs, hence this pivotal study. 

“We potentially could find that this high-risk group would benefit from increased oral health interventions and ultimately we could prove a causal link between poorer oral health and cerebrovascular disease." 

The two year project will be run in conjunction with the UCLH National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

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