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Periodontal disease, which destroys the tooth-supporting structures, is highly prevalent in the UK and around the world, and as such is considered a serious public health problem with a real impact on the healthcare system. The need for dentists and dental hygienists to provide suitable basic periodontal treatment has greatly increased in recent decades and as such, an awareness of and ability to treat periodontal disease is a must for all dental professionals.

We have recently launched CPD courses which focus on periodontology and basic surgical skills. Each course includes lectures backed by scientific evidence and are complemented by relevant hands-on workshops. Our short courses are aimed at dental practitioners hoping to acquire more knowledge and clinical skills in periodontics as a way to complement their day to day clinical activities.

Courses currently scheduled

Periodontology: General Principles of Surgical Techniques
This one day course is designed to provide a further understanding of surgical concepts and techniques. It covers aspects such as biological concepts of soft and hard tissue management during surgery. Book for March 2024

Periodontology: Masterclass in Periodontics
This five-day course is designed to provide GDPs with further understanding in periodontology with the emphasis on diagnosis, treatment planning and clinical management, and the role of periodontics in the daily clinical practice. Book for June 2024

Courses not currently scheduled

Soft Tissue Management for Dental Implants
This one-day CPD course for dental surgeons is designed to further your understanding of soft-tissue management for dental implants Register your interest.





Our state-of-the-art facilities include two dedicated laboratories for the production of patient devices such as fixed and removable prosthetic devices. There are five clinical skills laboratories containing 90 clinical skills stations equipped with dental manikins allowing trainees to practically and safely refine skills, and work in conditions that mimic real-life practice. Two of our suites are also equipped with dental microscopes to aid identification of anatomical imperfections and the quick detection of enamel and dentine fractures. We also have eight fully-equipped clinical rooms for work with real patients, all with disabled access. 


Dr Shiehfung Tay

Course Leader

Anna Titov

Course administrator