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Kritanjli Bajaj

Kritanjli Bajaj, graduate of our Implant Dentistry Diploma programme 

Kritanjli Bajaj, graduate of our Implant Dentistry Diploma

UCL Eastman Dental Institute is well-reputed and considered a centre of excellence within dental education. Having previously done other courses at the Institute, I had experienced that the teachers have extensive knowledge and skills within their field of expertise and are highly passionate about their subject.

The course provided very thorough and sound theoretical knowledge as fundamental for the practical training. The systematic knowledge base which is installed into you before one goes ahead and starts drilling bone is so important; you understand what is happening at a biological level, so that one can appreciate how to restore implants successfully. 

The practical part of the course is also very helpful, as it provides confidence and the chance to put into practice, under supervision, what one has learned theoretically. Students perform the implant procedures on their own patients. The tutors are very approachable and supportive and always ready to offer help and advice. 

The course requires a reasonable amount of commitment, but once you get used to the level of commitment it can be comfortably done while continuing working in practice.

Successfully completing the course has helped me to obtain an excellent role in a well-establish private dental practice where I can provide my patients unparalleled dental care including implants, by using all the new skills acquired on this course at Eastman.

Having minimal experience within implant dentistry before starting, the course has provided me sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge to start implementing implant dentistry within my day to day work and also given me the passion and desire to further pursue more advanced implant courses. 

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