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Implant Dentistry

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Implant Dentistry MSc

Our new, part-time MSc programme is designed to be flexible with multiple exit points. Overseas students can join us for the first year, the Certificate programme.

Implant Dentistry Certificate

International students can join us for the Certificate year of the MSc programme which only requires two week's attendance at the Institute in London.

Why Implant Dentistry?

Modern Implant dentistry is constantly evolving and presents challenges that require new skills sets as well as meeting high patient expectations in the world we live in today. A university-based training programme provides a sound basis for evidence-based training and education. Attainment of new skill sets in implant dentistry will provide a foundation to safely treat patients with dental implants and provide a rewarding career in Implant Dentistry.

Why Eastman?

Our renowned diploma programme, running since 2007, has now evolved into a comprehensive Master's* degree. Teaching is both online and offline - delivered via lectures, seminars, hands-on workshops and live surgeries. One-on-one patient supervision is provided to ensure student learning is optimal.  The programme is led by registered specialists who have outstanding experience in both the surgical and prosthodontic aspects of Implant Dentistry. This is complemented by invited national and international speakers. 

*Students can also exit with either a Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualification, following completion of the relevant modules. 


Honourary contracts / Visiting lecturers / NHS staff

  • Dr Wail Girgis
  • Dr Rishi Patel

Our state-of-the-art facilities include two dedicated laboratories for the production of patient devices such as fixed and removable prosthetic devices. There are five clinical skills laboratories containing 90 clinical skills stations equipped with dental manikins allowing trainees to practically and safely refine skills, and work in conditions that mimic real-life practice. Two of our suites are also equipped with dental microscopes to aid identification of anatomical imperfections and the quick detection of enamel and dentine fractures.


Programme Administrator:


We would encourage prospective students to attend one of our free taster days, however, if you cannot attend then please contact the department to see if we can arrange an alternative.