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Micropalaeontology People

Academic & Research:


Prof. Paul Bown

Prof Bown
Prof. Bown's research focuses on the palaeobiology and geological applications of coccolithophores and calcareous nannofossils.

Prof. Bridget Wade

Prof Bridget Wade
Prof. Wade's research interests encompass the Cenozoic palaeoceanography and the palaeoecology of calcareous microfossils.

Dr Anna Joy Drury

Anna Joy Drury
Anna Joy's research interests span palaeoceanography, stratigraphy and foraminiferal geochemistry.

Dr  Alessio Fabbrini

Image of Alession Fabbrini
Alessio's research focuses on the biostratigraphy and taxonomy of planktonic foraminifera.

Dr David King

Dr David King

David’s research focuses on the taxonomy, evolution and geochemistry of Cenozoic planktonic foraminifera as part of the NERC TONIC grant  

Prof Paul Pearson 

Prof Paul Pearson

Prof. Pearson’s research interests focus on Mesozoic and Cenozoic palaeoclimate reconstruction using calcareous microfossils 

Dr Jeremy Young

Dr Jeremy Young

Dr Young has over 28 years of experience working on nannofossils and extant coccolithophores.

Dr Deborah Tangunan

Dr Deborah Tangunan

My research interests span across relevant topics in palaeoclimatology & paleoceanography, specifically in the study of both modern and fossil marine calcifiers.



Research Technicians:


Jim Davy

Jim Davy
Support for Micropalaeontology laboratories

Dr Paul Minton

Paul Minton

Research, research assistance and technical support for funded research grants.


Research Students:


Marcin Latas

Marcin Latas

PhD project title: Recalibration &  revised biochronology of Pliocene-Pleistocene tropical planktonic foraminifera datums, IODP Expedition 363.

Ze Tao

Ze Tao
PhD project title: Late Miocene orbital forcing and palaeoceanography in the eastern equatorial Pacific