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This page contains a selection of our group's recent research papers.


Ultramafic-Hosted Ni-Cu-Co-(As) Mineralization from an Ancient Oceanic Transform Fault Zone in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: An Analogue for Ultramafic Sea-Floor Massive Sulfide Mineralization (2023) Martin AJ, MacLeod CJ, McFall KA, McDonald I, Jamieson JW, Cox S; Economic Geology 118(5):1125-1147

The Hydro-Mechanical Properties of Fracture Intersections: Pressure-Dependant Permeability and Effective Stress Law (2023) Stanton-Yonge A, Mitchell TM, Meredith PG; JGR Solid Earth128(2):16


Mineral-scale variation in the trace metal and sulfur isotope composition of pyrite: implications for metal and sulfur sources in mafic VMS deposits (2022) Martin AJ, McDonald I, Jamieson JW, Jenkin GRT, McFall KA, Piercey G, MacLeod CJ, Layne GD; Mineralium Deposita 57(6):911-933

Pluton Exhumation in the Precordillera of Northern Chile (17.8 degrees-24.2 degrees S): Implications for the Formation, Enrichment, and Preservation of Porphyry Copper Deposits (2022) Dahlstrom SIR, Cooper FJ, Blundy J, Tapster S, Yanez JC, Evenstar LA; ECONOMIC GEOLOGY 117(5):1043-1071

Timescales for pluton growth, magma-chamber formation and super-eruptions (2022) van Zalinge ME, Mark DF, Sparks RSJ, Tremblay MM, Keller CB, Cooper FJ, Rust A; Nature 608(7921):87

Along-strike architectural variability of an exhumed crustal-scale seismogenic fault (Bolfin Fault Zone, Atacama Fault System, Chile) (2022) Masoch S, Fondriest M, Gomila R, Jensen E, Mitchell TM, Cembrano J, Pennacchioni G, Di Toro G;J OURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY165:30


Assessing the role of tectono-magmatic setting in the precious metal (Au, Ag, PGE) and critical metal (Te, Se, Bi) endowment of porphyry Cu deposits (2021) McFall K, McDonald I, Wilkinson J, Sholeh A (Editor), Wang R (Editor); Tectonomagmatic influences on metallogeny and hydrothermal ore deposits: A tribute to Jeremy P. Richards (Volume II) SEG Special Publications 24:277-295 Society of Economic Geologists

A Rusty Record of Weathering and Groundwater Movement in the Hyperarid Central Andes (2021) Shaw JM, Evenstar L, Cooper FJ, Adams BA, Boyce AJ, Hofmann F, Farley KA; GEOCHEMISTRY GEOPHYSICS GEOSYSTEMS 22(8):24 

Frictional Melting in Hydrothermal Fluid-Rich Faults: Field and Experimental Evidence From the Bolfin Fault Zone (Chile) (2021) Gomila R, Fondriest M, Jensen E, Spagnuolo E, Masoch S, Mitchell TM, Magnarini G, Bistacchi A, Mittempergher S, Faulkner D, Cembrano J, Di Toro G; Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems22(7):17

Evidence of hydrothermal fluid circulation driving elemental mass redistribution in an active fault zone (2021) Dorsey MT, Rockwell TK, Girty GH, Ostermeijer GA, Browning J, Mitchell TM, Fletcher JM; Journal of Structural Geology 144