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Kun Zhang

“Reconstruction of mid-Proterozoic ocean redox evolution.”

PhD project title:

The History of Mid-Proterozoic Oceanic Redox Conditions: Implications for Early Eukaryote Evolution.

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Project description:

Several transient oxygenation events revealed recently have raised heavily debates regarding the oceanic redox conditions through the mid-Proterozoic. The aims of the project are to reconstruct mid-Proterozoic ocean redox evolution, to analyse the factors evoking transient oxygen enrichment, and to delve into the connections between redox and early eukaryote evolution.

The North China Craton, containing well-preserved sedimentary rocks ranging from 1.8 Ga to 0.8 Ga, is a unique window to delve into the history of mid-Proterozoic. The proposed project will investigate the rare earth elements and isotope geochemistry of organic-rich marine shales from the Changcheng, Jixian and Qingbaikou systems to probe ocean chemistry of the mid-Proterozoic, and also associate tectonic controls and large igneous province events with transient oxygenation episodes, attempting to disentangle the cause of such events.

I received my bachelor's and master's degree from China University of Mining and Technology and China University of Petroleum (Beijing), respectively. I am funded by China Scholarships Council (CSC) - UCL Joint Research Scholarship.