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Dr Eric Newland

Volcanology, Natural Hazards, Fluid Dynamics, Volcano Deformation

Research Fellow in Volcanology 

Dr Eric Newland



Research Fellow K. Lonsdale Building, 

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UCL Hazard Centre

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Research Summary

I am working as part of the NERC-funded Project FEVER: Forecasting Eruptions at Volcanoes after Extended Repose in the UCL Hazard Centre. I am investigating the physical processes that control the approach to eruption at volcanoes that have been silent for generations, by relating patterns of precursory signals of an eruption, such as seismicity and ground deformation, to processes for creating new pathways for magma ascent. My research aims to build on models, previously developed in the UCL Hazard Centre, that describe the elastic-brittle failure of the crust prior to the formation of a new magma ascent pathway. We aim to incorporate the results of these models into operational procedures and enhance existing forecasting methods.

I am also interested in the fluid dynamics of volcanic eruptions, in particular the interaction of turbulent ash clouds that form during the explosive eruption of subaerial and submarine volcanoes with the ambient environment.