UCL Hazard Centre


UCL Hazard Centre

The UCL Hazard Centre (UCLHC) at University College London is one of Europe’s leading multidisciplinary academic centres for hazard and risk research, education and knowledge exchange.

Since its establishment in 1997, the centre has pioneered the development and delivery of research and education programmes relevant to business, industry, local and national government, and humanitarian and development agencies, whilst at the same time maintaining academic excellence within the global higher education and research arena. Through the UCLHC, partners and affiliates of the centre have direct access to expertise and resources within University College London (UCL), one of the world’s premier multi-faculty teaching and research universities.



We research across various fields related to natural and anthropogenic hazards, vulnerability and disaster risk reduction.

MSc Geophysical Hazards

Teaching and Training

We run two postgraduate courses at UCL, and also provide bespoke training to non-academic professionals working in risk asscoiated with natural hazards.

Natural Resource Management


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