UCL Earth Sciences


Departmental Newsletter Spring 2019

29 March 2019

Spotlights: New staff appointments; Studying extreme events; Hazard Centre News - mining disasters déjà vu; Using seismology & geodynamics to study the Earth's mantle; Meet Dr Matthew Fox, Polar Research: Arctic sea ice; Antarctica’s future; PhD Awards; Alumni News

Earth Sciences Fieldwork

The Department continues to work on some of the most challenging and important aspects of the Earth Sciences, especially with regard to climate change, geological hazards, ground water pollution. With the Spring term now over our students are all busy doing fieldwork in Italy, Spain and North East of England.

Some congratulations are in order, especially to Prof Graham Shields who has just been awarded a prestigious Leverhulme Research Fellowship, Dr. Ana Ferreira for acceptance of a paper in Nature Geosciences, and Prof Lidunka Vocadlo for the award of a major NERC grant. We are also delighted to have received support from the London NERC Doctoral Training Program for six new PhD students – the largest number we have achieved during the first five-year funding period of this scheme. So, as we approach the one-year anniversary of Sir David Attenborough’s official re-opening of the refurbished Kathleen Lonsdale building, the Department continues to be vibrant and successful. And, oh yes, the scaffolding and boards have been removed so you can now see the beautiful and clean facade of our home.