UCL Ear Institute


Xiaoli He

Xiaoli He is Drosophila Research Lab Technician in the UCL Ear Institute Fly Lab.

As a research assistant, I conduct various experiments, e.g. measuring the responses of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to mechanical stimulation. I also contribute to lab maintenance and management.

I have worked many years as a bench researcher and molecular biologist, and I hold degrees in mathematics and in molecular biology. I have provided technical support and carried out research in many national and international projects for over 10 years at UCL and Rothamsted Research BBSRC UK. Over this period, in addition to providing technical support, I have tested and improved lab protocols and demonstrated experimental procedures to national and international visitors and students.

My main scientific interest is to understand the molecular network that maintains sensitive hearing throughout the fly’s aging. This involves studying if auditory neurons can recover from the damages caused by exposure to loud noise, antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, infection, or genetic perturbation.

I am enthusiastic and keen to contribute my skills to the lab’s individual projects and the work in the lab in general.