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Athena SWAN

Originally established by the national charity Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), the Athena SWAN charter recognises work undertaken to improve gender equity in higher education and research. In 2014, the Ear Institute was awarded an Athena SWAN Bronze Award for its efforts to advance gender equity, and in 2017 we are applying for a Silver Award. Discover below who is on the team, what we do, and links to useful resources.

Athena SWAN team

The Ear Institute Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team (SAT) meets monthly to undertake initiatives that support the goal of gender equity and equal opportunities. Members for 2019 include:

2019 SAT members
  • Jennifer Linden (Academic/research staff)
  • Roland Schaette (PI)
  • Jonathan Gale (Ear Institute Director)
  • Michelle Tuohy (Ear Institute Manager)
  • Sakina Naibkhail (Professional Services)
  • Lucy Handscomb (Teaching Staff)
  • Caitlin Broadbent (Professional Services)
  • Neil Roberts (Professional Services)
  • Paul Radomskij (Teaching Staff)
  • Hannah Cooper (Teaching Staff)
  • Nico Daudet (PI)
  • Nazia Mehrban (Research Associate)
  • Raj Shekhawat (Teaching Staff)
  • Gabi Bury (Research Assistant)
  • Anne Schilder (PI)


If you would like to help with some the Athena Swan initiatives please contact us.

What do we do?

Our aim is to promote equal opportunities and ‘best work practice’ at the Ear Institute. We assess through staff surveys and analysis of HR data how we are doing with respect to gender balance and equality across staff/students, parental support, promotion process, career development opportunities, bullying, etc … When a problem is identified, we put in place some measures to try to fix it…then re-assess!

Some of the recent actions of the Athena SWAN SAT include:

  • organising a well-received Careers Day for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows,
  • improving the gender balance of the Ear Institute external seminar series,
  • supporting return to work after maternity or paternity leave with conference fund initiatives and a “Well-Being and Parental Support Room” for nursing mothers and others in need of private space.

We are also very open to suggestions, do not hesitate to talk to a member of our team if there is anything you would like to discuss.

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