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50:50 Gender Equality Group

Terms of reference

Aims of the group:

•  To raise awareness of gender equality issue in academia at UCL;

•  To analyse and where appropriate, publish staff and student gender data to identify areas of concern and monitor the impact of interventions;

•  To help develop practical solutions to address issues of underrepresentation of women at senior levels and occupational and discipline-based segregation;

•  To represent the views of male and female staff and act as a body of expertise on gender issues and on sex, pregnancy and maternity discrimination;

•  To advise senior management on how to promote an inclusive culture for men, women and staff with caring responsibilities;

•  To deepen the knowledge of gender equality issues of group members;

•  To provide opportunities for networking among group members.

•  To consider measures for addressing

  1. Equal pay for work of equal value, and
  2. The gender pay gap.

•  To consider measures for addressing the equal pay and gender pay gap.

•  To have an oversight of progress of Athena SWAN applications in UCL departments

•  To take responsibility for to university Athena SWAN submissions and implementation of action plans

•  To propose recommendations and implement actions that will foster a supportive and welcoming culture for all staff, regardless of gender.

The group will achieve this by:

•  Involvement and consultation on the university's plans, strategies, policies and guidance;

•  Acting as a channel for communication with senior management on gender issues;

•  Assisting in the coordination of events and activities which celebrate gender diversity at UCL;

•  Supporting and monitoring the implementation of the Athena SWAN action plan, and the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy and action plans;

•  Facilitating information sharing between members.


Ex-officio members of the group:

Membership of the group will be open to members of staff and students who support the aims of the group, for example those involved in aligned initiatives (such as women's networks). However consideration will be given to the gender balance of the group, representation of staff from different grades and staff (research, academic, professional services, students etc.) and other diversity considerations when identifying group membership.

Responsibilities of members:

•  Members must maintain the confidentiality of sensitive information;

•  Members are expected to actively contribute in some way to the group;

•  Members are encouraged to attend events organised by the group;

•  Faculty SWAN leads will be expected to act as a point of communication between departmental SWAN SATs, and the 50:50 group. The Faculty SWAN Leads will enable sharing of best practice across their own faculty, and between faculties. This information will also feed into the university Athena SWAN applications.

The group will meet at least once each term and will report to the Equality and Diversity Committee (EDC).

Members of the 50:50 group

Member profiles can be found here.




Last updated: 22nd May 2017